What to Expect From Your Boudoir Photography Session

Posted on: 26 September 2018


The French language has a number of exotic-sounding, suggestive words that have made their way into English usage. There's tryst, which is a meeting between lovers. When something might be a bit rude, you could call it risqué. And then there's the boudoir. A boudoir is not necessarily a bedroom (this is generally called a chambre à coucher), but can be either a private salon adjourning a bedroom or the bedroom itself. And then there's boudoir photography, which is a photo shoot designed to showcase your sensual side. There are many reasons why you might want boudoir photography. It can create an intimate gift for your partner, but you could also simply want the photos for yourself, as an expression of your own beauty and sensual side. Whatever your reasons for wanting a set of boudoir photos, what can you expect from your session with the photographer?

The Style of Poses

You might want your photos to be playful, sensual, suggestive and even erotic. However, if there are any poses which might be suggested which you don't feel comfortable with, discuss the matter with your photographer. They're there to make you feel at ease, so you should take an active role in planning the shoot to ensure that the end result is entirely to your satisfaction.

The Physicality of the Shoot

Additionally, your photographer might suggest a certain pose which you have physical difficulty with. It could be uncomfortable for you to hold your body in a certain way, but again, this can be addressed during the planning phase. As a compromise in order to achieve the desired pose, your photographer might increase the camera's shutter speed in order to capture the pose in motion (as in multiple photos being taken as you move, so you're not forced to stay in a physically uncomfortable pose).

What to Bring to the Shoot

It's important to give the photographer a variety of different looks, so prepare a number of outfits. Whether you want lingerie photography or something that offers more coverage, it's a good idea to have backup looks with you. There can also be logistical issues, in that one of your preferred looks doesn't look as good on camera as another, and this could simply be the way the fabric looks under professional lighting. Your hair and makeup might be taken care of on the day, but if you have any products you like to use, feel free to bring these with you. You might also want to make a playlist of suitable songs to listen to during the shoot, songs that are empowering while creating the best possible mood.