How to achieve high quality real estate listing photos

Posted on: 18 March 2016


A picture speaks a thousand words, particularly when you are attempting to convince potential buyers to buy your real estate. As any real estate representative will tell you, the quality photography presentation of your home is the quickest way to sell your home and for a profitable price. The hunt for houses this days has gone mainly digital, and potential buyers are immediately attracted to beautiful pictures. In case a professional photo shoot isn't part of your budget, you may still bring your listing real estate photos up to a high standard with the following inside tips.

Clear the room

You would think that this would be a no-brainer, but people as well as pets continue to be seen in real estate photos time and again. Professional listing photos should focus on a clear, spotless and well-design space without anyone seen in the background. In other words, no pets or people should be seen in a real estate photo.

Don't use your phone camera

Many people adopt the convenient route of using their mobile phone camera for real estate photography. Basically, cell phone cameras are meant for portraits rather than real estate. For quality property listing photos, always use a real camera with a wide angle lens.

Go wide                          

Go wide to capture a stunning front shot that can be performed using a regular camera. The front shot should capture your entire home plus the exterior environment affording it a curb appeal.

Tie up loose ends

Searching for homes is one moment when potential buyers tend to judge a book through its cover. This means that sloppy pictures that don't appear finished will highly unlikely attract any clicks. Close your toilet and make sure the entire house is clean. Clear the kitchen and bathroom counters, make the beds and eliminate as much as possible any personal items. Last but not least, close the closet doors and drawers. Remove vehicles from the driveway as well as in front of your home when taking shots of the exterior.

Shoot the entire room

To afford your house that decent angle edge, you may think it's a good idea to take photos of one focal point in a living space that appears the most eye-catching. However, this practice shouldn't be adopted at all. Ideally, the most important photos are the ones that showcase the whole room. Generally, most listing pictures are focused on a doorway, a corner or something that the home owner must have considered to be important, but when taken out of context, it turns out to be meaningless.